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From Maine strains of marijuana, to Maine Made CBD, cannabis products, concentrates and more, Hallowell 4twenty is your local community source for all things Maine medical marijuana. Featuring a variety of high-quality medical cannabis products from the best across the state all available in one place with caring and dedicated caregivers. 

Meet your friendly and knowledgeable Hallowell 4twenty staff

Meet Regan:

Regan was born in Maine, and spent her childhood in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. She is currently attending the University of Maine in Augusta for a management degree with a focus on Small Business and is due to graduate in the Fall of 2021. Regan has 5+ years of customer service and has always been an advocate for medicinal cannabis and is looking forward to advocating for current and future medical marijuana patients. She loves animals, owns two cats and encourages others to “Adopt, Don’t Shop!” In her spare time Regan loves to be outside, especially by the lake; and she loves live music events.

“It’s more than just a plant, and it’s changing lives since we stumbled upon this wonderful medicine. Very grateful to help people begin healing and to actively contribute to the cannabis community. Whether you’re after CBD, THC, or everything in between I am here to help you on your journey.” -Regan

Meet Eddie:

Eddie is a former lawmaker with vast experience in public policy and new legislation. He is an asset to any person both as a friend or in business. He brings laughter, caring, and passion to all he does. He is known for offering wonderful guidance to others and is dedicated to encouraging businesses in Maine to thrive. Eddie is passionate, friendly, hard-working and dedicated to all his causes. He was given the honor of living on the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Indian Township reservation for 6 months and is dedicated to tribal economic development and tribal government. Eddie served in the U.S. Navy and was a member of the National Council of State Legislators for 8 years. He offers countless years of passion and experience in many aspects of the business world, and is well respected and well-loved by many.

Meet Katelyn:

Katelyn is local to Whitefield, Maine and will be attending the University of Maine in Augusta this Fall to work towards her Bachelor’s Degree. Katelyn has 5+ years of customer service experience. She also has many years of experience with medicinal cannabis and specifically with cultivation. Katelyn has 3 dogs at home and in her spare time enjoys taking the dogs on hiking adventures. She is a vegetarian and loves to spend time cooking both vegetarian and vegan dishes. Katelyn lives life with a big heart, loves to help others, and loves to attend festivals and live music events.

“I have years of experience with medicinal cannabis and I am thrilled to be helping people learn how to use it themselves.” -Katelyn

Meet Rachel:

Rachel is our talented Hallowell 4twenty soap artist and is currently a baker at Hello, Good Pie in Belgrade Lakes. She loves to bake, and she baked at Hallowell’s Slates Bakery for many years. Rachel will be celebrating her 39th birthday this July. She lived off the grid for 10 years and enjoys fishing, hiking, and being outdoors as much as possible. She has two big loveable dogs, named Nero and Brodie and also became engaged to her long time best friend last Fall. Rachel considers herself a Hallowellian at heart, has a passion for literature and is also a college student. She enjoys spending time in the lab creating beautiful and beneficial CBD soaps.

Meet Maurice:

Maurice is a loving father and friend to many. Maurice spent 1977 until 1986 as a medical corpsman in the Navy. Maurice and Eddie have big dreams for Hallowell 4twenty and their harmonized friendship ensures they will be a success in this business. Eddie and Maurice create a good balance of energy in the dispensary. Maurice is known for being very kind and brings that energy to all aspects of his life, business included.

Meet Devin:

Devin has lived in Maine his entire life. Devin has worked in the retail industry for 15 years and in management positions for 6 years. Devin is very skilled in technology and POS systems and will be a real asset here. Devin loves to help people and it makes him happy to be able to do so.

Hallowell 4twenty is your source for Maine marijuana delivery

No need to make a run to a Maine dispensary, a CBD retail store or even come into our local, friendly, fully-stocked storefront to access all your Maine medical marijuana needs because Hallowell 4twenty delivers. Get in touch with us to place and order and schedule delivery to Hallowell, Farmingdale, and Augusta.

Service to our country and service to our community!

Hallowell 4twenty is owned and operated by two Navy Veterans who are proud of their service to this country and strive to continue to provide a service to their community by featuring local Made in Maine high quality medicinal cannabis products including flower, glass, CBD, concentrates, and more. They believe in the cannabis for wellness movement, and feel that connecting the community to all the wonderful Maine Made marijuana products this state boasts is an important piece for overall community wellness. 

Discover Quality Medical Cannabis in Maine


From strain guides, to which THC dose might be right for you, and general knowledge - having an educated caregiver by your side is the answer to a successful introduction to consuming cannabis for wellness. At Hallowell 4twenty we are always available to answer your questions and offer guidance for your medical marijuana journey.


Check out the variety of specially featured Maine Made high-quality cannabis products including high-quality flower, CBD products, concentrates, glass pieces, soaps and so much more. With a variety of THC percentages, CBD options, and local delivery Hallowell 4twenty’s products will meet your Maine medical marijuana needs.

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