There is always room for growth in knowledge of the marijuana in Maine industry

The Maine medical marijuana industry is expanding every day, and with that growth comes the need for continued research and education on the industry, the products, the effects, and what might be next. Hallowell 4twenty believes in the cannabis for wellness movement and we believe staying knowledgeable is an important responsibility of being a part of this industry. We enjoy sharing this knowledge with our customers.

What is CBD?

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, one of the plentiful compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD is a popular compound because it has been found to have no psychoactive effects, but is responsible for several of the known benefits from medicinal cannabis consumption. Some patients prefer to utilize CBD products that are the CBD compound separated out or “isolated” to be able to access marijuana’s medicinal benefits without worry over unwanted effects. Additionally, CBD products that are a mix of cannabinoids or “full-spectrum” offer patients a well-rounded marijuana based CBD medicine without large psychoactive effects, but don’t require sacrificing the known benefits of other compounds, including THC. There are a variety of options for CBD from the isolate and full spectrum options mentioned, to CBD flower and edibles. Just as all the other areas of the medical cannabis industry, CBD research and CBD product developments only continue to grow. 

What is medical Marijuana?

Cannabis is a plant that was originally naturally growing in various parts of the world, and long ago it was discovered to have both psychoactive and non-psychoactive effects and benefits when it was dried and smoked. Marijuana has been found to be made up of a variety of compounds and properties with different medicinal effects, mental and physical benefits and effects, and the studies into these compounds continue to evolve. Medicinal use marijuana or cannabis is utilized as plant-based medicine and is available in a variety of forms and dosage options. Now, medical cannabis is grown, cultivated, and processed professionally which has resulted in cleaner, more pure, more effect-specific strains and product options to cover a variety of needs. The knowledge and education available in the industry has grown, and so many caregivers and staff are devoted to all the beneficial effects medical marijuana brings their customers. Many work daily to create new strains, new products, and to learn all they can to personalize the medicinal use for their customers. 

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