Quality Medicinal Soaps Handcrafted In Maine

Hallowell 4twenty wants to enhance your experience — with Harvest Design Soaps

Harvest Designs specializes in amazing, fragrant, and medicinal soaps.  They are handcrafted, in small batches, in our lovely state of Maine. We only use CBD oil from within our state and we aspire to use as many organic, natural, and local products as possible. You can purchase our soaps in many fragrances, some of which contain CBD and some which do not. If you are looking for a unique soap experience, Harvest Designs products are most certainly what you are looking for. They also make a wonderful, one of a kind gift.

Dedicated to high-quality, handcrafted goodness with our small batch process

Harvest Designs soaps are made by hand in small batches. They contain only the finest cosmetic grade ingredients and maintain their fragrance longer than most other homemade soaps. Not only do Harvest Designs soaps smell incredible, but they are some of the most beautiful soaps you can buy. They are hand poured into exotic shapes and speciality molds that are not common in the soap market at this time. The colors and aesthetic beauty of our soaps is beyond compare. Many of them glitter and sparkle due to a specialty technique that Harvest Designs uses in our small batch process. No two are alike and this makes Harvest Designs soap incredibly unique.

Amazing fragrance with amazing ingredients

The fragrances that are used at Harvest Designs are natural and our most popular scent so far is Apple Sage. Many of Harvest Designs soaps contain May Chang oil and Blue Yarrow, two of the most popular ingredients on the soap market today, known for their cleansing and calming properties.

Beautiful and Beneficial with Harvest Designs Soaps

Handcrafted Medicinal Soaps

As Harvest Designs grew as a business, CBD oil from the Marijuana plant was becoming more recognized for its medicinal properties for pain relief. Since we were making soaps that were designed to elicit certain bodily responses, we here at Harvest Designs decided to devise a method to get CBD oil into our soaps, so not only would we have a product that looks and smells amazing, but one that could help people alleviate their pain.

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We are always available to help at Hallowell 4twenty. Stop in to see these beautifully unique soaps in person, to pick out that special piece for you or a loved one, or to ask questions. Give us a call to place an order or learn more.