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How To Join MJ Healing Herbs Membership Benefits Program

To be an Active Member and receive all the beneficial member benefits, you will need to have an Active Maine Medical Marijuana Patient Number. If you require assistance with this process, we can help guide you in the right direction. Once you have your Maine Medical Marijuana Card, MJ Healing Herbs can enter your Patient Number, Name, Contact Information into our Membership Benefits System. As an Active Member of this program, you can schedule appointments and deliveries and automatically receive the Member Benefits related to the service. 

Benefits Of Being A Member Of MJ Healing Herbs Membership Benefits Program

  • Active Members can place Medication orders.
  • A Benefit Card will be given for every purchase of $100 or more of Medication. 
  • After you collect 10 Benefit Cards you can redeem them for a free 1/2 oz of your choice. (10 Cards max at one time)
  • Physician Certification Members will be reimbursed for Physician Re-Certifications. 
  • Member Referrals will earn the Member a 25% bonus of the New Members First order.  
  • Members Birth Month. Members are eligible for a Medicated Birthday Cake.

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