Our veterans fought for us, so the least we can do is to fight for them. Windy Warriors has a mission to help veterans suffering from PTSD and those who feel suicidal. The goal is to incorporate their adrenaline therapy program, which involves tandem jumps with experts. With more than 20 veterans passing every day from mental health issues, Windy Warriors strives to help as many men and women as possible. Unfortunately, veterans are suffering more today than from any previous military conflict in our history. 


The Windy Warriors program is working to connect the community through extreme adrenaline-packed activities. Incorporating out of the plane jumps, it reaches a broader audience and brings more groups of people together so healing can begin. For individuals that are feeling overwhelmed, being around others of like-mind is essential. Sharing an intense experience builds camaraderie and can impact the lives of both veterans and civilians. Adrenaline packed activities help simulate continued combat-based training safely and healthily. Veterans often experience a similar rush of adrenaline to their war experiences during these high-intensity gatherings, which can help process the struggles they are experiencing.


In these challenging economic times, finding the funding to continue community support is sometimes difficult for many foundations, programs, and community outreach projects. Hallowell 4twenty recently offered a donation to the Windy Warriors program to help their services grow. For Hallowell 4twenty, teaming up with Windy Warriors to support veterans is fantastic because it reinforces our belief in standing together with others in our community. Investors have such a significant role in aiding the cause, and through action and word of mouth, the Windy Warriors Adrenaline Therapy program is doing what they can to help all who have fought for this country and more. 

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